The Venue

What's dance music without a venue to truly experience it?

While we can love EDM just as much in our headphones or in our homes, you will not get the full impact of the music or the culture at your computer. This life needs to be lived in the club, with bass and beats hitting you from all sides. That is inescapable. And if you're hitting up a wack club, what are you really doing to yourself?

Eden is a true destination spot if you're heading out to city and looking for an awesome night with beautiful people.We are one of Melbourne's most luxurious clubs, wins not only for its supreme sound system but also its huge lineup of DJs!. Eden will give you the best bang for your buck. Eden is a destination spot, where you can get lost in the sea of club-goers. Yet, the decadent layout and some of the finest DJs in the land providing the sounds, make it well-worth the struggle. The dance-floor is huge and always gets packed, the sound is always on point, and even though you might spend half a paycheck on a Red Bull and vodka, you won't regret it! 



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