Homeowner Nightmare

I just found termites in my walls. That’s got to be the last thing you want when you buy a house. We’ve only been here for three months, and we’ve got to get the exterminators in. We were so excited to move in, and the last few months have been incredible. Other than the horror-bugs, it’s the perfect house for us. At least, it was. Now it will forever be tainted by the exterminator’s weapons. Even if the smell fades, the scars in my mind will remain. It was not the dream house we’d wanted for so long.

I knew that we should have used Melbourne’s best property conveyancing, but the guy we bought the house from talked me out of it. He knew about the termites, I’m sure of it. Michael was an old friend of my wife’s, so she trusted him. She swore that he would never take advantage of her. I was foolish enough to believe it. Michael seemed all too happy to get rid of the house. And yet here I am, in total disbelief. This never would have happened if I’d just gone with my gut and used professionals, who actually know what they’re doing. What else is wrong with this house that I don’t know about? We’re staying in an expensive hotel for a couple of days now, which will probably cost as much as conveyancing in the end.

I knew that Michael was dodgy, but I always try to see the best in people, even if they don’t deserve it. He had been talking down the vendors statement for days, saying that we shouldn’t even have needed it. He spun some rubbish about how it’s just the government’s way of getting involved. If two people want to sell and buy a house, that should be between them, he claimed. I should have seen through him. Of course we needed it! The whole point of a vendor’s statement is to avoid being scammed like this. It all seems so obvious now, but I suppose that’s the thing. In hindsight, everything seems obvious.