Melbourne Traffic Management

I have always admired the engineering and architecture of the city of Melbourne. Anyone who has been here, or who is lucky enough to live here knows just how stunning the city is. It doesn’t get as much credit for its aesthetics and design as Sydney does, but honestly, I think it’s better.

The whole vibe of the city is incredible. The buildings are matched together perfectly to create a landscape of different artistic designs for people’s homes. The surrounding gardens offer a beautiful place for Melbournians and visitors to sit, relax and admire the city. The city is home to the arts, food and cultural festivals. The city even has an entire twenty-four hours dedicated to celebrating the beauty of the city and for people to showcase their artistry to the entire population. I doubt many cities can say they have as extravagant day and night life as Melbourne, and I am really proud to live here.

Something that I find often goes unnoticed, even by me, when considering how fantastic Melbourne is, is the traffic management plan. Melbourne experiences extreme traffic conditions daily, and the design of our roads does an impressively good job of maintaining traffic flow. I couldn’t even imagine what our city would be like if we didn’t maintain our roads and traffic flow like we do. It’s no doubt a difficult task, but it makes our city so much better and more liveable. I’ve heard that the powers that be manage traffic through a VCAT expert report. Apparently this tells businesses whether or not they can do something, depending on how it impacts the traffic. That’s pretty cool. I had never really thought about it. But I guess it makes total sense that there would be these type of measures in play to make sure our city is so fantastic.

I’m glad I work in retail so that I don’t have to figure all this stuff out. My expertise is definitely found elsewhere. You can find me in the gardens admiring our beautiful city.