Welcome to Paradise

From the first, fruit-filled bite of Eden Bar, you’ll be transported to paradise. We’ve taken tart Tasmanian apples, pressed them into the zingiest, chewiest fruit leather, and layered them between light-as-air wafers enfolded in honey cinnamon nougat. Then we’ve dipped the lot in premium milk chocolate, and signed off with a dusting of toasted walnut.

Forbidden fruit? Not on our watch. Eden Bar is wholesome to the core, showcasing ingredients such as organic fruit and nuts, ethically sourced cocoa beans, local honey and biodynamic dairy. And with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, you can enjoy this indulgent treat without sacrificing real flavour.

Manufactured in small batches and distributed in returnable, reusable boxes without individual bar wrappings, Eden Bar is the whole package – without the excess packaging. 


My Story

Hi, my name’s Bradley. I’m the creator of Eden Bar.

This one-of-a-kind chocolate sensation is a labour of love, emerging from my personal interest in creating the ultimate treat: a bar that’s indulgent without drowning out the earth’s natural flavours. I imagined a bar free of processed sugar, preservatives and unnecessary waste – a paragon of virtue that’s also wickedly delicious

I devised the concept for Eden Bar in my home chocolaterie with what I had on hand, including a bag of locally grown apples, a jar of rooftop honey and a few slabs of my own milk chocolate blend. By the end of a long day of careful experimentation, I’d accomplished my goal of creating the world’s most desirable chocolate bar. 

It was too good not to share, so I’ve decided to bring Eden Bar to the world. Life’s too short to keep a treat to yourself!