A Magical Wedding


Last night I was reading the final book in the “Boy With the Lightning Scar” series, and I got up to the big wedding scene between Will Beasley and Flour. It’s such a great chapter, filled with toasts and celebrations. It’s truly wonderful. But I can’t help but ask: where did they get their marquee? My own wedding is coming up, and I need to hire a wedding marquee around Melbourne. If there’s any that rent out marquees which magically put themselves up, that would be wonderful.

Every time I read the book, I think about how incredible it would be to dance underneath that great white tent. I’d drink flame wine and honey beer, I’d find Harold Scarface disguised as one of the Beasley’s distant relatives. I’d ask him how his quest is going, and give him cryptic clues as to where Voldy’s phylacteries are. Oh, how wonderful it would be to speak to all the characters I love so much! 

Maybe we should do a themed wedding after all! Our theme will be “Boy With the Lightning Scar”, and everyone will have to come as the characters! It would be a dream come true. Except for my fiance, of course. He hates those books and movies. He thinks Harold Scarface sounds like a cheap knock-off of another character and doesn’t understand why I love him so much. Well too bad! We’ll have the themed wedding, and then one day, when I eventually get him to like “Boy With the Lightning Scar”, he will thank me.

All I have to do is hire a marquee near Melbourne that looks exactly like the one in the movie. We will send all the invitations by owl post, or perhaps via children dressed up as little elves. Either way, it will be perfect. My fiance already has red hair, so he can dress up as Ron Beasley, and I can be Hermie! I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before. I’m so excited!