Teddy Bear Tinting

Oh no. This is bad. This is really bad. My boss is going to be so mad. I’ve exposed company secrets, and to a reporter of all people! To be fair, she was a really good actress. I thought she couldn’t see me. I thought we already had it installed in our Melbourne office. Glass tinting was supposed to be done while I was away! I’ve been on leave for two weeks and the windows looked darker than I remembered them.

In a way, this is really my boss’s fault, not mine. How was I supposed to know that I couldn’t put sensitive documents up against the window? I’ve been telling him that we need office tinting for such a long time. I was sure he’d finally listened. That reporter seriously looked like she had no idea what was going on inside, pressing her face against the window as if it was totally dark. When I approached, she pretended that she couldn’t see me. But as soon as I mockingly held up the documents, she had her camera out and was taking photos before I could realise what was going on.

Maybe I can pin this on Andrew, somehow. Yeah, the boss would totally believe that he could have leaked out the information. The only problem is if the reporter got photos of me and doesn’t cut me out of them. I’d be caught lying and leaking sensitive information. It will probably be better if I just confess. Oh, but how can I stand in front of my boss and tell him that photos of the teddy bear collection he has in his office have gotten out to the public? We sell exercise machines! How could anybody take us seriously if they knew the manager has $10,000 worth of rare teddy bears sharing his office space? And then he’ll be worried that the Teddy Bear Police will bust down the door and confiscate the entire collection because he smuggled a few of them through customs. I have to fix this somehow, or I could lose my job.