Glass Balustrade Two

The prospect of choosing a career path as I journey towards adulthood leaves me in a state of uncertainty. The myriad of possibilities before me appear endless, and the apprehension of making a decision that might later be fraught with regret holds me back. While adults often assert that altering one’s career trajectory is a …

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Safe Glass Shower

I have always been terrified of horror movies. I’m the type of person that will watch a scary movie with friends and then have nightmares for a week. I don’t know why I’m so affected by them. And more importantly, I don’t know why I keep watching them. I can’t even count of the number …

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Teddy Bear Tinting

Oh no. This is bad. This is really bad. My boss is going to be so mad. I’ve exposed company secrets, and to a reporter of all people! To be fair, she was a really good actress. I thought she couldn’t see me. I thought we already had it installed in our Melbourne office. Glass …

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