Glass Balustrade Two

The prospect of choosing a career path as I journey towards adulthood leaves me in a state of uncertainty. The myriad of possibilities before me appear endless, and the apprehension of making a decision that might later be fraught with regret holds me back. While adults often assert that altering one’s career trajectory is a straightforward endeavour, I find myself pondering the veracity of such claims. The notion of switching careers seems to entail a substantial investment of effort and finances, particularly if it necessitates additional education. Within my family, my mother excels as a web developer, my father is skilled in the trades, and my elder sister practices law—an imposing standard to measure up to.

In an effort to guide me, my father proposed a pragmatic approach: to delve into my personal interests and inclinations. He enlisted the support of his esteemed acquaintance, a specialist in his field, who graciously accepted me as an apprentice. This individual is a revered glazier provider. Melbourne presently grapples with a dearth of proficient glaziers, a situation that suggests promising career prospects. This counsel holds merit; although I currently possess limited knowledge about glass craftsmanship, my commendable performance in science and woodwork courses at school indicates a latent aptitude that might align well with the glass industry.

Embarking on this quest, my father accompanied me on a visit to his friend’s company earlier this morning. I was captivated by the exceptional artistry showcased within their portfolio, most notably a stair balustrade and handrails ingeniously crafted from glass. Interestingly, I had held the misconception that glaziers solely repaired and replaced glass, unaware that their purview extended to the creation of such remarkable structures. In a warm exchange with my father’s associate, he elucidated the meticulous standards adhered to in the crafting of glass balustrades, which not only adhere to stringent safety norms but also harmoniously complement staircases, lending a contemporary aesthetic to homes. The prospect of shaping glass into alluring forms resonates with me, compelling me to undertake a thoughtful contemplation before embracing this potential career avenue.