An Inauspicious Theme

Lunar Agents have been sent out far and wide to research the viability of building a rocket. And that…seems a little suspicious to me. We were told that the rocket was pretty much finished…and now we’re searching for information on whether a rocket can be built at all? Suspicious. If my travel and accommodation weren’t paid for on my trip to Hobart to gather intel, I would be complaining.

I do have my doubts about this rental car, however. The budget was pretty thin after I flew with ‘Plummet Airways’, and now I’m staying at ‘Big Ben’s Budget British Bed n’ Breakfast’. 

I asked the guy at the front desk if there are mechanics Hobart knows and loves and trusts and adores, so they can possibly take a quick look at my hire car. 

“Ello, guvna!” he trilled, adjusting his big top hat and putting down his cup and saucer. “Got a spot of automobile malarkey? Terrible show, absolutely bonkers old chap. Fish AND chips, indeed, jolly not good show!”

I should note that all of the staff were clearly Australian, but were imitating English accents with…enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I happened to ask about the mechanics and car servicing just as the clock struck eleven. A bell rang, and all guests were ushered into the dining hall while ‘God Save the Queen’ blared over the speakers, the staff singing along in horrible broken cockney despite only knowing about every fifth word. Then it was half an hour of mandatory tea and biscuits time before I could get answers out of anyone

I found a mechanic in the end; apparently it was a problem with the diesel, and fortunately not something I did. Good thing there are automotive repairs in Hobart, because the limited travel budget only included the car and not trains and buses. I might’ve been stranded in Hobart…although with how much information I gathered, I might as well have been.