The Fence Whisperer

They say you can tell how much a house is going to sell for by the quality of its front fencing. It’s not about the type of fence, exactly, or even that there is one. It’s more about the deliberateness with which choices have been made regarding it. Like, has it been selected with consideration for the user experience? Is it sympathetic to the style of the building and grounds? Does it take into account the journey from public space the privacy of home, and back again? Is it effective in its designated purpose?

All these questions and more are to be asked of a property’s fence line before an estimate can be made as to its value at sale. By now you might be wondering just who ‘they’ are that claim this is the case. Well, that’s for me to know and you to find out. Why would I give away my insider information on the real estate market? Go find your own buyers advocacy and advice. Melbourne has plenty of professionals ready to be at your service in revealing the manifold secrets of buying property. 

To be clear, the fence insight wasn’t from a buyers advocate. It was from another source that I won’t be disclosing. Suffice it to say, though, that it all boils down to first impressions, and the fence is the ultimate symbol of that – the liminal realm in which things emerge from the void into consciousness, and the veil between worlds thins. 

Okay, fine. It was my astrologer, if you really want to know, and she’s rarely far off the mark in practical matters. She’s not so hot on the topic of karmic debts, mind you, and hit-and-miss when it comes to relationship advice, but when it comes to real estate she’s been great. It’s like she’s got some kind of direct line to the inner workings of the market. That’s why I’m inclined to hear her out on this fence business.