Best Job Software

There’s nothing better than a Friday. I’m on the tools with the boys, the sun is shining, Single K is playing bangers on the radio and I’m just all about it. Every beat gets us one second closer to the weekend. Every drop gets me excited to absolutely send it tonight. I just want to get up and dance. 

Another good thing about Friday is that my bosses have let us boys schedule our day using job management software for tradesmen. That way we can make sure that there are no jobs booked after 2:00 pm. This gives us two hours to get to the final job and complete the work. We’re almost always out the door by 3:30 pm and on the odd occasion 4:00 pm. Luckily though, we can choose which job goes last and we always choose a job which is on the way home. That way when we’re travelling to the last job of the week (beats blasting, windows of the ute down), we’re also pretty much on the commute home. God, getting this job management system was the best thing my bosses have ever done. Well, maybe equal best. Our Christmas party last year at the races was pretty darn good too.  

I have heaps of tradie mates who I don’t work with. I hang out with them pretty much all weekend and no joke, every weekend at least one of them says they wish they could implement our job management software for electricians. Melbourne sparkies are some of the busiest tradies around and I don’t envy them. I also told them that they can definitely use this software for their day to day operations, but their bosses have other ideas I guess. Not my problem anyway, but it definitely sucks for them.

Anyway, there are just three hours to go until knock-off. I’m beyond excited. Bring on the weekend boys!