My First Tattoo

I’ve known for a while now that as soon as I turned eighteen, I would get a tattoo. They say that if you have the urge to get a tattoo, you should wait for a year, and if you’re still happy with the idea at the end of that year, then you’re ready to get it done. I’ve been sitting on my tattoo idea for almost a decade now, which means I’m not only ready to get it done it’s practically a requirement at this point. I’d liken it to a rite of passage. All of my older siblings got their first tattoos around the same age as me. Luckily, my parents are fine with it. I guess you could call us a tattoo family, since most of us have some sort of ink. Even my grandpa has a few thin lines in the shape of a square etched onto his arm, just because he didn’t want to miss out on any of the fun. 

Tomorrow, I’m going to be visiting the best tattooist in the Brisbane CBD to start my new tattoo. At least, she’s the best tattooist in my opinion. Since there are so many different styles, it can be a very subjective – and very contentious – topic. 

I did a lot of research before choosing this artist. She’s extremely reputable, with over a decade of experience. However, as she’s located in a central area, it has been difficult to secure an appointment. She’s always booked out! It’s going to be worth the wait though. I imagine she will quickly become my new favourite photo realism tattoo artist, which means that if I decide to continue inking my skin, I’ll go back to her every time I want a realistic tattoo done. This time, I’m getting a realistic image of my favourite boy band just above my right elbow. Next time who knows? I’ve viewed her designs and they are all incredible. So intricate and detailed, yet still aesthetic. I can’t wait!