Brighton Mobile Mechanic

So, where I left off in my last blog post was that I was about to see a specialist for issues I’ve been having with my feet. That was six months ago now and things were a lot worse than I originally expected. I had done too much walking and would need to learn to drive as my major form of transportation. Seeing as I didn’t have my license back then, it was quite a big shock to the system.

But six months on, I’m happy to say that I’ve bought myself a second hand car and passed my drivers test! Yesterday a Brighton mobile mechanic came to my house to give my car a proper assessment. I found it really helpful that he came to me because I didn’t feel entirely comfortable driving a car that I wasn’t certain was in a good condition. 

The assessment took a couple of hours which I was grateful for. I was in no rush and had nowhere to be, and I really appreciated that he took his time to be as thorough as possible with the inspection. Upon inspection, he found that there were problems with my tyres. He said I could have driven on them for another month at best but suggested that I get a tyre replacement service, Brighton roads being a little slippery at times. Knowing how the pavement had pounded my feet, I didn’t waste any time taking him up on his suggestion.

I’m looking forward to starting to drive my car regularly. I’m not allowed to go on long walks for at least six months and so I’m trying to remain positive in a less than ideal situation. Maybe going forward I’ll walk and drive as my preferred methods of transport. It would definitely save me time. Walking will always be my favourite thing to do though, and I’m excited for the day that my feet can take me places again.