Broken Car Aircon

My kids and I are sweltering. It’s Western Australia in the middle of summer and it has gotten to the point where no one is comfortable. The streets are barren. It’s even too hot for any flies to come out and annoy people. That’s when you know that the heat is just too much. At present, it’s Christmas Day and my family and I are travelling to the in-laws house for lunch. It’s a two hour drive to Midland from where we live, and unluckily for us, the car aircon has decided to give up on us. We’ve got the windows wide open on a forty degree day, which is genuinely cooler than if we had all the windows closed. We are all sweating and I truly am considering asking my wife to turn around so that we can go home. We need a car aircon regas more than we need a Christmas ham.

We have just hit the halfway mark of our drive, and I am covered in sweat. My car seat is wet. This is the hottest I’ve been in my life. My kids are so hot that they don’t even have the energy to complain. They’re both sitting silently in the back with their drink bottles pressed to their faces and holding up those little portable fans that are meant to be doing something. My wife and I just agreed that before we arrive at my in-laws, we are going to get an emergency car service. Midland isn’t too far away now in comparison to what it was, and knowing that we won’t have to endure this heat on the way home is going to get me through the rest of the trip. It is so hot that I’m beginning to worry about the wellbeing of all of us in the car.

This hasn’t been the best start to Christmas, but there’s no way it can get any worse. That’s comforting at least.