Cart Blanche

When I came into work at the cafe today, I was so excited to show everyone my plans for the cake cart that I forgot to communicate one key detail: that the cart would not be associated with the cafe. The idea is for it to be my thing – I mean, it’s going to be my ute and everything. Besides, none of the others seemed that keen on the idea when Becky brought it up. Even Becky seemed fairly glib about it. So I figured I’d run with it on my own.

Granted, the plan is to sell cakes from the cafe out of the cart, so I guess the cafe is involved to that extent – like, as a supplier. I don’t think I made that super clear, though, and now they all think they’re getting a piece of my cake cart pie. That may be a fair assumption, given that I asked for money to carry out the modifications, but financing a start-up doesn’t automatically mean you own it… does it? I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into, man.

I know my way around ute fittings, though. I may not know much about negotiating commercial finances, but I do know my tapered, under-tray aluminium toolboxes from my service bodies and half canopies. I know how to rig up power and run a cake fridge and espresso machine on the back of a ute, which is pretty much central to the whole concept. More to the point, I’ve taken the time to design a blueprint for actioning this knowledge.

Plus, the financing I need is relatively low, because my cousin has a second-hand ute toolbox for sale. Melbourne tradies tend to have solid-quality equipment, so I figure it’s probably good enough for the purpose, and that it’ll be priced at mates’ rates. I have actually asked Mick about that yet, but he’s a good egg so I’m sure he’ll come through.

Anyway, now I’ve got to figure out how to clarify things to Barb and Tegan at the cafe. They’ve been texting me with ‘branding ideas’ and it’s starting to get awkward.