“Cool” Hairstyling

My name is Tanya and I’m a travelling-hairstylist that has serviced the Clayton area for the past ten years. 

Hair styling is my passion. I cannot adequately describe the satisfaction I gain from ensuring my clients look and feel the best they can. The smile on a client’s face when their roots have been flawlessly toned and styled in a loose fishtail braid is my main driver as a hairstylist. I make people look and feel as if they are ready to walk the red carpet, and that brings me pure joy.

My work varies from day-to-day, and no client is the same. I visit fifteen-odd houses a week to do client styling, because their comfort is a major part of the luxury experience I pride myself on delivering.

What I have noticed does impact the client’s (and my own) comfort, outside the services I deliver, is the climate control of their house. Houses that are in need of air conditioning repairs are significantly harder to work and relax in, compared to the ones that maintain their home at a comfortable temperature. 

Working without a functioning air conditioner in summer is often difficult, and means the client can become uncomfortably warm under the salon cape that I provide. When the air con is running, this cape is a non-issue for the client, which results in an overall more positive experience.

I obviously prefer when clients regularly get air conditioning services. Clayton homeowners should do that just for our own comfort – none of our products are impacted by the heat! In my opinion it makes sense that, if you have an air conditioner, you ensure it works… just like I make sure my curling irons are always hot and ready to go.

So from the perspective of a travelling-hairstylist, control your climate! It’ll be better for the both of us, and you can sit back and enjoy your hair styling from the comfort of your own home.