This Metal Steed

Bah, vehicles! BAH, I say!

Time was that you could get anywhere in the kingdom by simply leaping astride your gigantic swine, performing a simple weightless enchantment and soaring through the sky, conducting the winds like an orchestra to push you to your destination. I learned today that people of this realm have been driving cars for well over one-hundred years, and the technology is still confined to the ground. Oh, certainly, spend time developing your handheld mystic chatterboxes instead of taking to the air, free as a wyvern. 

Golly. My place of employment just gave me a vehicle to use in company business, and I’ve not a clue how to keep it fed and watered. The kind lady behind the desk- Sandra of the van Dijk Clan- said that she uses a lovely mechanic close to Bentleigh town centre, and she gave me the details, should I wish to use them. I smiled and thanked her, because Sandra has always accepted (or been less suspicious of) my oddities, and I heard her in the kitchen the other day telling the other workers not to laugh at my beard, because “they’re very in right now, in 2020.” I don’t know what those numbers mean, but it was quite kind of her. 

If only I knew what a mechanic was. The company also gave me a handheld mystic chatterbox, for work, but I know not how it works. I know it can provide answers, much like spells of scrying, but also like spells of scrying, I’m concerned about my privacy while using that function. I’m also terrible at scrying, my last attempt being an accidental glimpse into the Queen’s bedchambers, which led to great embarrassment, and great banishment, of me. 

I wasn’t going to tell anyone that she hosts a secret tournaments of Tarot Monster Tamers! with her handmaidens. I enjoy the game myself, and am currently looking for a shiny rare foil DEATH card. 

I digress. I will find these mechanics, and they will fix what ails my mechanical steed, or at least feed it the black liquid oats it needs to continue its forward movement. If the mechanics can offer high quality car servicing, Bentleigh is where I need to be. I can do all of that, then I need go nowhere else. Bahaha, perfect!