Fairy Wood Construction

Amidst the vernal splendour, the fairies convened with a resolute purpose – the construction of a novel arboreal abode. Spring’s arrival had ushered in a wave of hatching baby birds, their tender existence bereft of secure dwellings. This task, Belle knew, befell upon her as a tinker fairy. With ingenuity and determination, she embarked on her most ambitious architectural venture yet – crafting a living tree from mere imagination.

Yet, the daunting reality loomed – in fairy land, leaves and wood were scarce, insufficient to erect the envisioned haven. And so, sanctioned by the elder fairy, Belle embarked on a clandestine odyssey to the human realm in pursuit of resources for her grand endeavour.

Under the cloak of night, her wings carried her to a hardware store in Bayside, nestled in Melbourne’s southern reaches. Bob, the fairy who covertly attended to the store post-human hours, gazed upon her plans with a shake of his head. He cautioned against the intricacy of her pursuit, offering an alternative proposition – refurbishing an aged birdhouse nestled in the heart of fairy domain. Decking and flooring materials were extended at enticing rates, a plea for practicality. Yet, Belle’s resolve remained unshaken, her determination unwavering in the face of persuasion. With a polite dismissal, she sought solace in another establishment, one that dealt in timber supplies near Cheltenham.

Here, she encountered Jane, a fairy whose emporium teemed with an array of timber, each form a testament to possibility. Lining, cladding, hardwood, and treated pine – an abundance beyond imagination. Acquiring a robust wood for the tree’s trunk and an assortment of tools to fuel her endeavour, Belle harnessed a simple spell, rendering the supplies to dance weightlessly behind her. Homeward-bound, she soared back to fairy realm, her purpose crystal clear – nurturing a haven for the fledgling birds.

It was good luck that there was such excellent hardware stores nearby, giving Belle everything she needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.