Heating for Animals

Do you think that animals would rather it warm or cold in a house? I know it’s going to depend on what animal it is, but as a general rule, do you think warm or cold would be better? See, I’ve recently come into possession of a few exotic beasts, and I need to keep them in my home for a while. How did this happen? Well, my grandfather owned this really awesome zoo, but he recently passed away. I have inherited the zoo, but as it turns out, it was in massive debt, so when our lease on the land expired, we kind of lost it. Now, in an attempt to keep all of these animals in the family, I have to host them in my house. Don’t judge. Really, I just want to know whether it’s worth installing a heater for them or not.

My sister thinks that I should contact a business offering split system heating installation near Melbourne, but make sure it is a reverse cycle system. That way I can cool and heat the animals. Although I don’t think she realises that you can’t heat and cool a house at once. She’s well-meaning, but this is definitely why our grandfather gave the zoo to me. I can make rational decisions, like keeping all of the animals in my house. I’m sure I can find a way to look after a giraffe, twenty penguins and a flock of crows. As long as I can work out how to give them the right temperature. 

Before getting all these animals, I was in contact with a business for ducted heating repairs around Melbourne, but I’ve had to hold off. I love my ducted heating, but if it’s not going to be best for the animals, I’ll have to live without it. Even if I have to be running an air conditioner during the winter, that is a sacrifice I am willing to make for my grandfather’s legacy. Eventually, I’ll need to find more land for a new zoo, but for now, I think they’re stuck with me.