Inevitable Bathroom Renovation

I moved into my home about ten years ago when I bought it straight out of university. I had decent savings but properties were a lot cheaper back then so it was a lot easier for me to buy a house back then than it would be now. When I bought the house ten years ago, it was old, run down and described by the real estate agent as a “fixer upper”. They were right, and I’ve slowly been fixing it up for the past ten years.

I had never gotten around to the bathroom because it wasn’t in terrible condition when I bought it compared to the rest of the house, but after ten years of daily use, I finally need to call a bathroom renovation service. Melbourne has plenty of renovators around, so I’m hoping to find one that is high quality but also won’t break the bank. 

I don’t really know what I want them to do in my bathroom. I don’t mind the layout the way it is now, I think it just needs some general touch ups. Some of the tiles have come loose and the tap in the vanity doesn’t produce any cold water, which I know will be fixed. I’ll also need a shower grout repair because that’s all a bit of a mess, assuming they don’t just replace the whole shower.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about bathroom renovations, and they’ve been likened to kitchen renovations in the price and scope of the project. The kitchen was the first part of my home that got renovated, and that was a very expensive project. It was worth it though because I love cooking and the previous kitchen was truly terrible. I’m hoping the scope of this renovation is a lot smaller than the kitchen, because I’m tight on funds and don’t need too much work done on it.

I’m looking forward to having a nice shiny new bathroom though.