Front Lawn Bathtub

‘Why exactly,’ I frowned, ‘am I looking at my bathtub?’          ‘I don’t know,’ my son said, nervously. ‘There’s so much other great stuff to look at. There’s your lovely door, your neighbour is mowing his lawn, there’s a beautiful bird sitting in that tree just over—’          ‘Why is my bath on the front …

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Muddy Football Bathroom

It’s winter in Melbourne, so you know what that means: football training. Not for me, of course. My son is the footy player in our house. He absolutely adores it, and I love seeing him so passionate about something. The only problem is that he constantly tracks mud inside the house after each training session! …

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Bathroom Modifications Joke

I have this running joke with my parents about them getting older. They had me significantly younger than my friends’ parents, which makes the joke even funnier. I’m twenty-four and my parents have just turned fifty, which is so much younger than the majority of other adults I know. I’d say on average they’re about …

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