Muddy Football Bathroom

It’s winter in Melbourne, so you know what that means: football training. Not for me, of course. My son is the footy player in our house. He absolutely adores it, and I love seeing him so passionate about something. The only problem is that he constantly tracks mud inside the house after each training session!

I like to keep the floors nice and clean since occasionally guests will drop in unannounced, but it’s impossible to do that with my son’s hectic training schedule. I’m thinking that I might have to employ some of the best bathroom designers Melbourne has to offer and get them to take a look at my house. Maybe they can offer some suggestions regarding the layout of my house, or even the furniture within it, and how those things can be best placed or moved to keep clean. I’ve had a look online to see if there are any ideas for parents like myself, and I’ve already discovered a number of handy tips.

My favourite is this trick that involves implementing a separate laundry area away from the bathroom in order to distinguish the two spaces and their separate uses. I just think that doing that would solve all of our problems, but I currently can’t find the space in our house to do that. Maybe as the best bathroom laundry renovations company Melbourne has, the organisation I’ve employed can assist in that area. They’ll be coming to my house next week.

In the meantime, I’ve asked my son to take his footy boots off at the front door and to put them in a bag, which he can then bring to the laundry to wash. This is a great temporary solution, but it does tend to clog our stainless steel sink and all the pipes with mud. The same thing goes for the shower, which he usually heads to directly after coming home from training. At least he’s talented!