Metal Apocalypse

Hi, I’m Zach Jordan. You may remember me from such Hollywood blogs as I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This and You Cannot Deny the Return of the King. I’m here with my personal blog once again, to answer your questions about the making of my latest movie, I Can’t Even Be Responsible For My Own Breakfast, about an honest metal worker going through the toils of regular life, before a zombie apocalypse begins. It was filmed in Melbourne, Australia.

Joel asks: I think it’s really cool that the team consulted with real metal suppliers near Melbourne for the making of this movie. It’s great when you can support the local community, especially in a third world country like Australia.

Is this supposed to be a question? It looks more like a statement to me. And believe it or not, Australia is actually a developing country. I know, I was shocked too! The kangaroos that run their government are starting to get a real handle on things. Most people in Australia have regular access to clean water these days, so there’s no need to worry about them!

Sam says: In the trailer scene, when zombies infiltrate the warehouse, did you use real zombies? It looks like some of the metalworkers get bitten, so are they zombies in real life now?

I only work with directors that have integrity, so of course we used real zombies. We found the company that does the best Melbourne steel fabrication around, so they aren’t impacted too heavily by having the undead in their staff. They’re professional enough to put them to work, even as zombies.

Jimbo asks: Hi Zach. Can you tell us how the movie ends?

Of course I can. The film ends with a climactic battle atop the Eureka Skydeck in Melbourne. My character has led all of the zombies there, and he leaps from the top of the tower. All of the zombies jump to follow him, and plummet to their…well, . Isaac Jordo pulls the cord of his parachute, but it fails! We cut to black, and the movie is over. Talk about a cliffhanger!