Timber DIY Projects

I don’t think I’ve ever successfully completed a DIY project in my life. Every so often I start a project and get really excited about it, only to work on it for a couple of hours and then let my motivation for the project go off into the abyss. Life just gets in the way. It’s hard to justify working on the new decking when my son has hurt his knee or my daughter has “accidentally” drawn all over the walls. This has resulted in many unfinished DIY projects throughout the years, which has always annoyed my wife.

Two months ago, I was blessed with an abundance of free time. This gave me a significant amount of time to finally finish the several projects I had yet to complete… how exciting! Within those two months I think I made at least fifty trips to the hardware store. Cheltenham, where we live, has quite a lot of hardware stores I can visit, but after sussing them all out, I had a clear favourite. Some places just have what you need every single time, and this was that place. It made working on my projects so much easier, and I am a much saner man because of them.

Seeing as there were a lot of other Victorians who had also found themselves with extra time two months ago, there seemed to be a lot of people who also decided this period would be the perfect time to complete their DIY projects too. That’s why I had a problem with the other stores in Cheltenham, timber just seemed to be flying off the shelves like there was no tomorrow. Luckily I was always able to buy enough timber for my projects, and I actually just finished my last one yesterday. I still have a lot of free time, which means I’m going to start my first new project. I think I’ll actually be able to finish this one on the first try this time.