House Buying Woes

I’m being forced to buy a house. Having saved up a bit of money means that there’s pressure coming from every angle. I’ve been a tradie for four years now, and I’m almost fully qualified. Obviously having worked full time (plus over time) for four years, I’ve saved up a lot more money than my friends who didn’t do a trade or chose to go to uni, and because of this, my parents are forcing me to spend all my savings on a house. They say it’s a good investment and that it’ll pay off in the long run, but I don’t want the pressure of a mortgage and I want to spend my money on what I want to spend it on. It’s upsetting.

I know I have no choice but to buy one, so I want the whole thing to be as quick and easy as possible. If it takes absolutely any extra effort, I’m going to be even more disappointed about the whole thing than I already am. I’m looking to buy near my current house (I live with my parents) and so this weekend I’m going to chat with an expert in conveyancing. Caulfield is a great suburb near where I live, and so hopefully I can buy there. I won’t even be living in the house that I buy because I’m only twenty-three and I like living with my family, plus I like when my Mum cooks me dinner.

I regret not blowing all my money on a trip to Europe like my friends did. I’m really feeling the pressure to buy and I just know that as soon as I do I’m going to be tied down to the house forever. I just want to be young and carefree, but that’s never an option in my house. I’m hoping that once I find an alright place I can just get the conveyancing and settlement out of the way and then put the whole thing out of my mind until I get my first mortgage bill. Who knows if that’ll even be possible though. Just sucks.