Toowoomba Car Repairs

This weekend I’m going to teach my son to drive! He turned sixteen last week and successfully passed his learners test this afternoon. We’re both really excited as he’s been looking forward to driving for years now and I’m looking forward to not having to drive him anywhere in two years time. Teaching my son to drive is mutually beneficial for the both of us, which is all we can really ask for!

As a loving parent, I’ve of course done my due diligence and made sure my car is safe for my son to drive. Last week, anticipating that my son would pass his Ls test, I went and got a whole host of (possibly unnecessary) car mechanical repairs. Toowoomba is a pretty family friendly place to live, and as soon as I told the mechanic why I was getting the minor repairs done, he celebrated for my son and his future success. People in Toowoomba love seeing fellow locals succeed, which is something I love about the area. I bet you the locals will see my son driving for the first time in the quiet streets and honk and wave in encouragement. It’s just great.

Alongside the minor repairs my car had, I also asked the mechanic if he could do a car air conditioning service. I was thinking that it would be helpful to be able to turn the air con on and have some cool air blowing on our faces in case either of us happened to get nervous. I don’t think we will get nervous, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I’ll be teaching him the basics when we go out for his first ever drive on Saturday. He understands the road rules but actually being behind the wheel is a lot harder than remembering the info for a learners test. I think with the right amount of practice he will be a great driver. He does take after his dad after all.