Car Window Repair

One of the simple pleasures in life, as I’m sure we can all agree, is watching a dog stick its head out of the window on a warm summer’s day. Watching their little tongue flap in the wind and the breeze push the hair back on their face, is just great. The dog is in a state of pure bliss and it makes me feel blissful as a result. Dogs are just so pure. I’m glad I’m able to give my dog the opportunity to stick her head out of the window. She deserves it. 

Last week, my dog’s preferred window to stick her head out of randomly got jammed shut. That meant the next day on our drive, she couldn’t enjoy the wind on her face and it made the both of us extremely sad. I can deal with my own sadness, but her sadness is too much… which is why I started calling around car repair shops as soon as I was able to. I explained the problem and thankfully it was an easy fix and one of them was able to squeeze me in the very next day. That meant my dog only had to go two days without sticking her head out the window. Thank goodness.

While my car was at the mechanic, the mechanic noticed that there were some other issues with my car that I hadn’t mentioned to them. In all honesty, I hadn’t mentioned them because I hadn’t actually noticed, which is understandable. I’m always too busy watching my dog live her best life to worry about what’s going on with my car. But anyway, I agreed with the mechanic when he said that he should make the additional repairs and so he went ahead and did so. Now I’ve got a perfectly functioning car aircon, thanks to the car air conditioning regas. Adelaide is a pretty hot city, so now when my dog has the wind blowing on her face, I’ll have the air con blowing on mine. 

Maybe I’ll even stick my tongue out!