Grandad’s Car Legacy

The saying that one person’s misfortune is another person’s fortune is true in more ways than one. I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum, having people benefit off my misfortunes, but recently I benefited off someone else’s misfortune. The misfortune was my grandad’s, who is no longer able to drive. The fortune was that I got to buy his essentially brand new car off him, for a quarter of the price he paid for it. I am of course sad for him that he’s getting old and can’t drive, but I’m really happy that I was able to buy such a high quality, new car, for next to nothing.

The car is so new that I’ve just had to book it in for its next log book service. For the price I paid for the car, I should’ve only been able to afford a worse-for-wear twenty-year old wagon. Instead, I’ve got a car that not only has a reverse camera, but also connects to my phone. Thanks grandad. I’m sorry it had to be this way though. I know that you were happy to sell it to me for less than half the price you would’ve gotten for it, and I’m very thankful. Thanks for giving me a leg up in life. Thanks for loving me.

I promise that I will always look after your car. I promise to treat it with the respect that you would have, and to save the money that I didn’t have to spend on the car for my future. I promise to never skip taking my car to that mechanic around Moorabbin you were always on about. That was your destination of choice for your car service, and that’s where I’ll take my car forever. I know you forged a good relationship with the mechanics in the short time you owned your car, and I plan to continue that relationship for the years to come.

You’re such a kind and likeable man grandad. I look forward to continuing your legacy, even if it’s just through how I look after your car.