Foggy Beach

By the time I returned to the shore, having obtained the fishing rod holder from the Atlantis, a thick fog had come over the area. It seemed the elements really were against me, trying to stop me from gathering the lost pieces of that majestic boat. But the Heart of the Deep had sent me on this mission for a reason, and I wasn’t going to fail it.

If the rod holder had been here, that had to mean the other ship parts were nearby. I dragged my dingy back to shore and started moving along the beach. Perhaps a few of the objects had washed up on the sand?

The fog made it difficult to see further than a few metres, so I had to take it slow, combing the beach. Back and forward, making sure I didn’t miss anything. It took hours, and by the end, I was kind of wishing I had just gone to work and done some marine welding for the Melbourne area instead. It would have been a much more interesting day.

But eventually, my foot hit something hard beneath the sand. Could it be? I started digging with my bare hands, sand getting stuck beneath my fingernails. I didn’t care. It would be worth it if I found the next piece of the puzzle. One step closer to being rewarded by some strange and powerful ocean patron.

And there it was. The ship’s bow rail, in great condition, all things considered. It was made of the finest titanium, sturdier than even the tallest of mountains. It was a wonder how the thing had even come off the boat in the first place. It just went to show how powerful the storm had been that tore apart the ship like a bored and hungry child with a napkin in hand.

With the second piece of the boat in my possession, I was halfway to discovering the true power of the Atlantis. The Heart of the Deep told me to unite the pieces. What power awaited me when I did?

– Gillan Neptune