Hawthorn Car Mechanic

I think it’s almost universally accepted that one of the best feelings in the entire world is knocking off work on a Friday afternoon. Every single Friday, no matter the plans I’ve got for the next two days, I’m filled with a happiness and sense of relief that consumes me. Today is Friday, and I woke up this morning feeling spritely and ready for the day. I got to the worksite alright and my day went quickly, which is all you can ask of the last day of the week.

It’s now 5:30pm and I’m sitting next to my car on the worksite, unable to go home. This is the absolute worst case scenario. My mates all drove away at knockoff, and I got into my car to do the same but my car wouldn’t start. I would’ve been home over an hour ago, and instead I’m stuck at work on a Friday.

I’m currently waiting for the car mechanic. Around Hawthorn, where my worksite is, you wouldn’t think this would take that long, since it’s pretty centrally located. But it’s 5:30pm on a Friday and that couldn’t be more peak hour if it tried. I know the mechanic’s on his way, but evening traffic is a pain and I think he’ll be a while longer. So while I wait I’m going to sit in the evening sun and curse the fact that I’m still at work. 

I should’ve trained as a mechanic instead of a carpenter; then I wouldn’t be stranded and useless on a Friday evening. Oh well. I built my house for a lot cheaper than would’ve been possible if I wasn’t a chippy.

Hey! The mechanic just arrived. I’ll update you once he’s finished.

Good news, I’m back on the road and on my way home. The bloke was a really good mechanic – possible the best mechanic within Hawthorn. I’ll be seeing him again, even though the place he works at is about thirty minutes from my house. I’m impressed with his efforts.