Air Conditioner Hardships

Day four of the book tour was not the best. In fact, it was pretty terrible. I’m feeling quite drained at the moment and really just want it to be over, but we’ve still got two days left. I can push through it, but these next two days might feel really slow. Yesterday I was loving this tour. It’s crazy how a couple of nasty people can really ruin the entire experience. Maybe I’ll get back into it tomorrow, but tonight I’m quite flat.

I keep telling you about how life as an air conditioner is never easy. Today was proof of that. We started the day well, with a solid signing session and another speech about air conditioning for Hampton Park. Once the speech was over, though, some vandal threw an old fan onto the stage. For those who don’t know, this was a blatant attempt at intimidation, suggesting that air conditioners are nothing more than an object to make humans comfortable, like the simple fan. Fans don’t think. They are simply a few blades that spin around really fast and push air. On the other hand, the air conditioner is complex, able to think and act on its own.

Things got worse, though. My next event was at the Museum of Historical Air Conditioning Services, Lynbrook. Before the signing and panel were set to begin, I wandered around the building, seeing the heritage of my people. It was nice and relaxing, after the events of a few hours before. Air conditioners are a proud people, and I could see that in every part of the museum. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. As I came to the replica of the first-ever air conditioning model, I saw that the glass had been smashed. Although the air conditioner was still there, it had also been heavily damaged. On the wall, the words “Destroy All Air Conditioners” were painted. I shake with rage just thinking about it. The violence against my people must stop. This isn’t right. I don’t know if I’ll be alright. But we move on, as always. 

– Airy