Cooling Canberra One

In a glimpse of the future spanning nearly two centuries, Earth finds itself beleaguered by the relentless grip of the Great Cooling. The origins of this catastrophic event remain shrouded in mystery, a tale obscured by the passage of time. Millennia ago, as the world braced for a surge of warmth, it was instead greeted …

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Cooling Predicament

I didn’t expect that to backfire so spectacularly. Turns out I’m the only one that came into work today, all ready for our next tabletop role-playing session of Grottos and Goblins. Who knew that my entire staff would be too weak-willed to come into work with the air conditioner broken? Even though the state of …

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Simulating Climates

Sometimes I turn my air conditioning on just for the fun of it. I love the feel of the cold in my house, turning it into a winter wonderland. I like to pretend that I’m in Europe, where the winters are truly cold. Once I even cut up little bits of paper and threw them …

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