Simulating Climates

Sometimes I turn my air conditioning on just for the fun of it. I love the feel of the cold in my house, turning it into a winter wonderland. I like to pretend that I’m in Europe, where the winters are truly cold. Once I even cut up little bits of paper and threw them in the air, running around and telling my kids that it was snowing. During the winter, people don’t usually say their air conditioning needs repairs. Canberra it’s usually cold enough. Not for me. If it isn’t ten degrees or less in my house, it’s too warm. My kids hate it, and I don’t care. They rug up in thick coats and wear gloves, and it warms them up. It means that when you go for a cup of hot chocolate, you really appreciate it.

In the summer, the air con is turned up as high as it will go. It probably breaks down twice, maybe even three times as much as normal. Even on the cooler days, it’s roaring, keeping the house nice and chilly. My family doesn’t complain so much then, but they’re so used to the cold that they can’t handle the heat of a broken air con. That’s when I’m really rushing to find anyone who can service my air conditioning in Canberra. If they can’t do it straight away, I go and get a spray bottle, shooting water into the air above everyone. If I can’t make it feel like it’s snowing, I can make it feel like it’s raining. I make sure it is always cold in my house. Nothing less than that is acceptable. By the end of a long day with the spray bottle, it’s like a water park. Then, once the air con is fixed, I can cool all that water down and create a big frozen lake. Who needs travelling anyway, when you can create a true winter right in your own home?