Foggy Beach

By the time I returned to the shore, having obtained the fishing rod holder from the Atlantis, a thick fog had come over the area. It seemed the elements really were against me, trying to stop me from gathering the lost pieces of that majestic boat. But the Heart of the Deep had sent me …

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The Wrong Mechanic

If I’d wanted my boat fixed, maybe I shouldn’t have gone to a car mechanic. How was I supposed to know that I would be turned away? After all, a boat is just a car of the sea, isn’t it? But when I pulled my boat in for repairs, the mechanic didn’t seem too pleased …

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The Fever!

OH. MY. ROD. Fishing rod, that is. I must admit, although I’ve been dragging my feet through Sails of Our Lives, I did find the last couple of episodes compelling. How could I possibly not? They finally unveiled the secret that Donna has been keeping in the brig- her own personal possum farm, which also …

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