The Fever!


Fishing rod, that is. I must admit, although I’ve been dragging my feet through Sails of Our Lives, I did find the last couple of episodes compelling. How could I possibly not? They finally unveiled the secret that Donna has been keeping in the brig- her own personal possum farm, which also explains where she’s been getting the milk to make everyone ice-cream- and her dirty secrets were unveiled to the world.

Then following on from that, Justine revealed that the ice-cream headaches were no such thing: they were bait board fever. That’s a sort of fever you get when you spend too much time using a bait board. Everyone had said to Justine that they could take over and do a bit of bait board duty, but she consistently refused due to her trying to avoid Garth. He’d made a sculpture out of fish tails to impress her, but it had the opposite effect and creeped her out somewhat, so Justine dedicated herself to cleaning the bait boards to stay away from Garth. And now…she has the fever. The bait board fever!

So…that’s no good. Something will have to be done. Unfortunately, Kelsey seems to be suffering from a very different kind of fever, because she suggested they organise a nightly ritual and pray to the “salty salty fish empress”. So now everyone on their small fleet is going crazy, and things are only getting worse with the reveal that all their fishing rod holders were snapped off in the night. 

I suspect that Ken has been sneaking out at night to practice his Kendo, because when they found the broken rod holders, there was a show of him looking very guilty and afraid while hiding his wooden bokken behind his back. It’s just all collapsing inward, and it’s all connected: the rod holders, the boat board fever, Cam receiving mysterious visions of a cod wearing a crown and lipstick promising to cure what ails them. 

Very compelling television!