The Strange Suburb

Keymore is weird, I’ve decided. I came here once a few years ago, when the Lemur sanctuary was still here, and that was okay. We basically just drove into the sanctuary and drove out again at the end, although we did drive past the farmer’s market and we got some really weird looks. Like they were about to start sharpening their pitchforks for a hunt, and we were the tasty morsels.

Now I’m back for the big project that’s going to turn the mansion into something habitable, and all I can think about is that I’m a long way from Milperra. Mechanics there would laugh in my face if they knew I’d volunteered my time for something like this, although it’s a different ball game down here in the south. They needed someone with diesel mechanic experience to look after all the vehicles coming in and out of here, since a lot of them are diesel. I just thought it’d be a good chance to make some new friends, and keep my mechanical skills sharp while I look for a new job.

Anyway, a couple of weeks later and I haven’t even set foot inside the mansion. Don’t want to, don’t need to, but just being near it is weird. I was doing a brake and clutch service the other day for one of the trucks, and the guy definitely put on the handbrake; I saw him do it. The truck still rolled into the lake, without explanation. Another guy’s ute that was carrying some slats caught fire, even though that was the day when it rained for hours. And of course, there are the stories about the little girl with the red balloon who keeps causing various…issues. Some folks have talked about tentacle monsters and skeletons causing spooky mischief, but I just say that’s what you get for working in a haunted mansion on Halloween night. Probably their imagination.

Long story cut short, this isn’t your ordinary car service near Bankstown. This is the type of job that no one would ever believe me about back home. But here in creepy Keymore, it’s just…Tuesday.