Cleaner Energy Three

Remy had earned a stellar reputation among the rats inhabiting sewer networks all across Australia. He took pride in believing that his genius was revered by his fellow rats, given the multitude of successful projects he had completed not only in Melbourne but in various Australian sewers. With a list of accomplishments that garnered gratitude, …

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Galactic Solar Energy

Today was just one of those days, you know? Work isn’t always easy, especially when you’re harnessing the power of a thousand suns, funnelling that same power into electricity and sending it across the galaxy. I had to meet with the Ruler of Planet today. His name was Donny Trumpet or something. Honestly, I can’t …

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Gingerbread Man

Christmas: is there a better time of year for constructing houses out of gingerbread? In a word, yes. There most certainly is, at least if you live in Australia. In fact, Christmas is the worst possible time for that activity.  Gingerbread houses were invented in places with exceptionally cold festive seasons, and they just don’t …

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