Window Solutions One

Damien’s astonishment was palpable as the command centre relayed the task before him. Amidst a decade of clandestine operations, he had never encountered an assignment of such magnitude or peculiarity. His dossier was usually filled with cases involving spurned partners, dubious financiers, and the occasional millionaire. Yet here he stood, faced with the audacious challenge …

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Cache of Glass

I know we’re close. Saint Illinois James has said so himself. It is only a matter of time before the Great Window Tinter reveals himself, in our time of most desperate need. The saint has sent me on a very important mission and told me to document my findings. Hence, I’m dictating this blog post …

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Door Curse

I think I might be cursed. No matter what I do, my doors always get broken. I put up barriers, traps, it doesn’t matter. Even if I had doors made of steel, they would get broken. Did I step under a ladder while spilling salt and smashing several mirrors, all without even noticing? Because if …

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