Clogged Sink Problems

I just moved into my first home two days ago! I’ve moved across the country for the year to work and I am renting for the duration of my stay. The place is a small one-bedroom unit with a small bathroom/laundry area and a very basic kitchen. There is a living room that breaks up the bedroom/bathroom and the kitchen to make it look like there’s a bit more space. It’s certainly not much, but it’s home for now and I will treat it with respect regardless.

I’m in the process of setting up my furniture in the limited living spaces available to me. When I got my water turned on a couple of hours after I moved in, I wanted to get the mop out and clean the floors before I got set up. I noticed pretty quickly that the sink was clogged once I poured the dirty mop water into it and it wouldn’t drain away. It was pretty revolting.

My Dad told me once that a clogged sink means blocked drains. Essendon is a very big place and without my Dad here to help me, I’m going to have to deal with the clogged sink on my own. And when I say my own, I mean calling a plumber on my own. There’s no way I’d know what to do if I had to start looking in my drains.

I don’t really know much about running a house, having lived at home up until now, so I’m going to ask the plumber to talk me through the basic steps so that I don’t have to call someone every time my sink starts to drain slower. 

I called up my Dad and he said that depending on the problem (even though I don’t know what the problem is), I may need to hire drainage contractors. Melbourne has plenty of them apparently, so I’ll need to call someone up and tell them what is happening and then they’ll point me in the right direction regarding who to hire. 

Living out of home is definitely tough. I hope it gets easier the longer I’m here…