Dog animation









My partner and I started a dog food company two years ago. Believe it or not, the company started out of our kitchen. At first it was just a little hobby where I started making dog treats. I’m a big proponent of trying to only eat natural food. It doesn’t matter to me whether you’re a human or an animal, I just don’t believe that our tummies are meant to eat food that is not technically ‘food’. My whole business revolves around the idea of giving dogs food that is real food and not compounded with artificial ingredients. 

The first bits of dog food I was making were simple little treats. Over time this then expanded into full on meals. We started selling our products online and within a year popularity just soared. We brought in a manufacturing company to help us mass produce our products, while still maintaining our value of only using food that is real and not artificial. 

I’d say our online success has come from us deciding to hire a video production team. Melbourne is full of creativity and creative people, so we knew we could easily find a team who’d be able to create one of a kind videos. After a few meetings and collaborative sessions, we were able to identify our creative direction. We decided that for our first run of videos we were going to use cute animations of dogs.

The first video we released went viral. We were amazed at the impact it had. This team was Melbourne’s best 2D animation company and it clearly showed by the quality of work they’d put out for us. These animation videos are going back a year now and I still have people raving about them. 

I’m considering doing another run of videos soon, but am still trying to figure out if it should be animation or live action. The pros for animation are that we’ve used it before and we know it works, but with live action there’s so much opportunity to utilise our customers and real dogs. Time to think!