Tiny Home Renovation

As a child, I cherished my dollhouse, a thoughtful gift from my grandparents on one of my birthdays. It swiftly became my favourite toy, as I enjoyed the ease of moving the dolls around and decorating the dollhouse just the way I liked. While other kids played house in the schoolyard, I longed to return home to my dollhouse, where I’d organise delightful tea parties for my dolls. Now, as an adult, that passion for imaginative play has shaped my thoughts on kitchen design and other areas of the house. With my husband, I am currently renovating our home, and it feels like my childhood dream is coming true. Thankfully, he has generously granted me almost full creative freedom, as long as he gives the final design his approval. Given our similar tastes in interior design, I am confident he’ll be on board with my ideas.

Though interior design is a passion of mine, I recognise that it’s primarily a hobby. To ensure the kitchen renovation is professionally executed, I’ve engaged one of the best kitchen renovations companies Melbourne has to offer. This experienced team will assist with the design and layout, especially when it comes to intricate aspects like plumbing and internal pipes. Such considerations can be quite challenging without specific expertise, which is where the kitchen design company proves invaluable. Their reputation in Melbourne is unmatched, and even though their services came with a higher price tag, I firmly believe it’s worth every penny. 

While I haven’t informed my husband yet, I’ve already spoken to the company about our new kitchen design, and it promises to evoke memories of the dollhouse I adored in my childhood. The prospect of transforming our kitchen into a whimsical and functional space akin to my cherished toy fills me with excitement and nostalgia. As we progress with the renovations, I’m eager to see the final result—a kitchen that blends creativity and practicality seamlessly.