New Home

My husband and I have struggled with money for a very long time. Making ends meet has always been difficult, but because we are so dedicated to each other and making our lives better that we have finally come out the other side of it. We just got big promotions at the same time. We …

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Bad Bones

How do you turn your house into your dream home when the interior architecture of the space is fundamentally flawed? That’s the question I’m currently mulling over. See, I bought this place because of the location, the land and the price, thinking I’d renovate into something that was more to my liking. Turns out it’s …

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Big Idea

  Don’t you just love it when you look up ‘bathroom trends’, hoping for a bit of inspiration that can translate from the pages of Rogue Living to your humble abode, and all that comes up is thousands of images of bathrooms approximately the size of your entire house? I mean, that’s all well and …

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