New Home

My husband and I have struggled with money for a very long time. Making ends meet has always been difficult, but because we are so dedicated to each other and making our lives better that we have finally come out the other side of it. We just got big promotions at the same time. We finished uni at the same time and got employed as juniors, and now we have both been promoted to seniors. We are now making four times the amount of money we were making before. 

After years of renting, we are going to talk to some construction companies on the Mornington Peninsula and see if they will build us a house. We can finally afford to build, and we’ve always dreamed of living on the peninsula, so as soon as the builders open tomorrow morning we are going to call them and have a chat. 

I feel like my husband and I have just started living in a dream. This is something we always wanted to happen, but we were never sure would. Now that it has, part of me is worried that I’m just going to wake up and be back to the same position we were in two days ago. But I’ve pinched myself every hour since our promotions and I haven’t woken up yet, so this really does seem to be real life. 

In our discussions with the bespoke home builders, we’ll also have to talk about annual home maintenance costs because even though we are quite well off now, we will continue to live frugally the way we are used to. We want to have a good understanding of all the costs associated with building a luxury home and how much it will cost us to maintain it so that we can make a decision that’s best for us. I will keep you all updated – bye for now!