Hire The Painter

I’ve rebranded my business. This complete rebrand has changed our mission statement, colour scheme and the values we encourage our staff to follow. By rebranding, we are going to be starting the year fresh. We rebrand every ten years and the way in which we go about it defines our upcoming success. 

Before our rebrand, our colour scheme was bright red and white. The colours were on our website, on our letterhead and painted all over our office. Our new colour scheme is now a darker red and light grey, so everything has to be changed accordingly. Obviously, it’s easy enough to change the website and letterhead, but changing the paint on the walls takes a bit more effort. As a part of the rebranding, we’ve hired a commercial painter. Melbourne’s CBD is obviously the hub for all things big business, and we have positioned ourselves as a big player in the business world. Because of that, we need our colours to reflect the inner workings of our brand.

Although we are a big business, one of our values is to support small businesses. That’s why we’re such a big player in the industry. If you position yourself as a company that helps others, people are more likely to do business with you. I’m shocked that other businesses haven’t realised that yet. As we stay true to our values in all situations, the commercial painter we hired comes from a small local painting contractor business. This looks good on our part and it also helps the community. It’s what we like to call a mutually beneficial arrangement in the business industry, and it’s something that is going to help our business for a very long time.

Here’s to the next ten years being filled with our success and bettering the community as a result. I can’t wait to make a tonne more money going forward.