Stealth Production

Hey readers! It’s me again, Benson Brabson. First off, I’d really like to say thank you for everyone who’s sent me messages of support following my previous guest posts. It means the world to me, knowing that there are people out there who share my passion for uncovering the truth. It’s not easy being the little man going up against the World Bureau of Investigations, but someone has to do it, and it’s so great to hear that a few people have my back on this.


I’ve spent the past week sorting out how to use Whoomble to access the interviews I need with scientists at the secret laboratory in Geneva. It’s proving to be a bit trickier than I thought, as my source at the lab turned out to be a front desk intern, with no authority over the scientists or access to any of their work. Still, I can speak to him directly using this secure conferencing app, and that’s something.


The other thing is that I had to hire a corporate video production company, Melbourne being oddly low on non-corporate creatives at the moment. It was all going well until they informed me that they can’t actually take footage from Whoomble, because it’s designed to be used for criminal activities and conceals its users’ interactions accordingly. They basically told me it’s not worth going ahead with, and that I should probably wait until we can actually go to Geneva.


Well, that’s the very reason I found a production team skilled in animation, isn’t it? I can do as much research as possible over Whoomble, get a voice actor in to record a narration track, and have the animators fill out the rest. I can see how this approach could potentially take away from the whistleblowing credentials of the film, but I’m determined to make it work.


Where I’m possibly going to run into trouble is bankrolling the post production services and distribution, but I figure I can cross that bridge when I come to it. I know that sounds a little low on planning, but hey – if I planned everything, I’d never get anything done.