Leave Aluminium Alone!

I’ve been watching Gabrielle’s Broadcast Bites for…oh, about three episodes now? I’m not sure I like it very much, but it’s like trainwreck television: you can’t look away. This is just as bad as Eurovision, except this doesn’t have the dignity to try to distract you with sequined outfits and catchy-yet-terrible songs. Briella thinks she’s …

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I Must Jig!

You know, I’ve always thought that a career in podiatry would be fulfilling. And by ‘always’, I do of course mean the couple of months that I’ve been alive. Or…not quite alive, but you know what I mean, tee-hee. Since my feet are just bones, I can see how they’re put together. Quite complex they …

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The Cruisiest Rebellion

It may be sad, but I think the way that all plants are heading is plastic. Humans are a species are becoming more and more lazy, with more of our jobs and tasks becoming automated. Eventually, on one very sad day, everyone’s just going to throw up their hands and say “look, we gave it …

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